About Us

Mission Statement

Our team at Carnance strives to change the way people buy cars. We provide our customers with a streamlined, easy-to-use solution, which eliminates the common stresses associated with buying a new or used vehicle. Leveraging technology, our innovative platform provides our users with a customized and simplistic approach tailor-made to suit their vehicle and financing needs.



Our vision is simple: to provide our customers with the convenience of buying a car straight from the comfort of their own home, along with the confidence that their purchase is protected and guaranteed by Carnance. Our mission is to eliminate the inconvenience of dealing with people whose commission depends on their ability to upsell you on the things you don’t really need.



Be in the driver’s seat of your car shopping experience from start to finish. From filling out your initial online application,  to choosing your financing terms and taking possession of your new car, Carnance lets you make all the critical decisions.


Vehicle Condition

Worried about the condition of your vehicle before you take possession? Fear not, if there is anything wrong or there is unreported damage to the vehicle at the time of delivery, you are not obligated to take possession. Our team will take the car back and make sure that you find your perfect match as soon as possible. Bundle that with our 7-day Guarantee and you stay fully protected throughout your shopping experience.



For more information about Carnance, speak with one of our highly trained representatives today.

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