Car owners have been faced with trying to discover what mileage is good enough to purchase a used car. Some can’t recognize what is good or bad while buying a used car as regards to distance. So many people consider a lot of factors in a used car, mostly its current state and mileage. Not to worry, we have researched enough to help you resolve this issue. Read through the article to get the best of knowledge.

Many people considered many things when considering a used car. Some people see how many kilometers it can cover while others check the current well-being. But the fact remains that the mileage determines the value of the car. The fact remains because of most car owners maintain that a car with 30 thousand kilometers can also run for 70- 90 thousand kilometers with no mechanic work. But this doesn’t come all true because some things are left out. We will discuss all of it here.

What can we Consider a good mileage for a Used Car?

The well-known standard number that is used by most manufacturers in determining a car’s warranty is found in the rule of thumb. The rule thumb states that the average driver will use up to 20,000 kilometers each year on a particular vehicle. With that, we have about 10,000 kilometers left which you can consider after seeing other parts of the car. The odds are that the older the vehicle, the more calculation to confirm if the mileage will add up to the standard per year. And you know most of this used cars have lasted for years. Take, for instance, a car produced in 2010 with 100,000 kilometers on it is seen as good mileage. So for a used car mileage correlate the years of existence to its distance.

What is the best Kilometer for a used car?

This answer is considered on how the car was used. Before purchasing a used car, please affirm where and how the vehicle was used, maintenance, breaking points, and mileage. For example, a car produced in 2010 with only 60,000 kilometers but has poor care, should not be bought. Also, if that car has 250,000 kilometers with proper care, it might be considered after taking through the workshop. Do not fail to ask the owner where the car’s distance covered was mostly on the city or the highway. When a vehicle spends more time on the road, then know that the vehicle will most like have its mechanics in good shape. But if it is a city vehicle, then know that some of its engines may be worn out like brake and clutch. So, take it to the mechanic before purchase.

The Advantages of purchasing a low-mileage used car

Good Car Condition: used cars with low mileage are generally in a better car condition, and they require little or no maintenance while using them.

Resale Value: You can resale your car when properly maintained if its on low mileage. The chances to resale are high, and you’ll be capable of selling and buying another vehicle without squandering your purchase.

The decrease in value: most cars are known to depreciate in importance as the years roll by. But low mileage cars hardly reduce in value, and you could save up to $150,000 in a lifetime.

The Disadvantages of purchasing a low mileage used car

Cost: These cars are found to be very expensive, and it’s a 50/50 chance you get your investment back.

Old Models: These cars are mostly older car models. When you find a vehicle that is over ten years and has a low mileage should indicate an older car. Older vehicles may have lost its warranty or close to the expiration. Also, when a car sits around for a long time, then be sure to know that they might be some mechanic issues like the rust of wire, curls, stiff areas, and deteriorated areas.

List of Recommended Car Brands

These Vehicles brands are known to operate even after 30,000 kilometers, undoubtedly.
From on our study from Kelly Blue Book and the Canadian Black Book, the following car companies most prescribed to buy as used vehicles:

  • Acura
  • Toyota
  • Honda
  • Subaru
  • Ford
  • Mazda

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